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4 Guitar Etiquette Rules You Should Live By

There are some things about playing the guitar or about the instrument itself, that many people will be upset about, likes a lot, or any emotion they may have about it in particular.

But if you’re a true guitarist, there are some guitar etiquette rules you should already know and here we share some of them with you.

Support Others

Like you, everyone starts in the world of music, specifically guitars, without having any idea about it. Don’t mock or belittle anyone you see who isn’t doing something right, show your support and try to teach them some new things or give them advice.

Leave Everything As It Was Before

If you used someone else’s guitar, or any of their implements, you must return things in good condition, just how they were before you took them. Possibly, many wouldn’t be happy not to find something that you used.

acoustic in play - 4 Guitar Etiquette Rules You Should Live By

Be Considerate

We know that playing guitar, especially connected to our beloved amplifier, can generate a spectacular sound, but for others, it would be a deafening noise. Avoid doing it at night, or if you feel inspired, turn down the volume of the amplifier and do it in a moderate tone.

Respect the Space of Others

It is known that the sound of electric guitars may not be very pleasant for some people. If you’re in a house or an instrument store and want to start playing with all your passion, think twice. There may be people who won’t like it, respect their space and find a quiet place to do it, preferably alone.

The guitar is one of the most played and admired instruments, but logically a lot of people could find this type of noise unpleasant, and they could feel uncomfortable. Beginners should always take others in consideration before starting to jam.

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