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4 Tips to Learn Guitar Through Online Courses

Learning to play guitar is one of the greatest ways to get into the world of music. Even if you don’t want to do it professionally, it’s a skill you can develop and practice as a hobby.

Although not everyone has the possibility of paying for private lessons or a particular music school to be taught how to play the guitar.

But don’t worry, there is a solution for everything and now you can learn to play this instrument through the internet, with online courses which sometimes are free.

And in case you want to try, here we leave you some tips:

girl play - 4 Tips to Learn Guitar Through Online Courses

A Lot of Practice

Taking online courses isn’t the same as going to a particular school, because by yourself, you’ll practice for fewer hours and you won’t have a person next to you, telling you what to do. It means that you have more freedom and there will be no one to press you.

That’s why you need to persevere and be committed, and have discipline to practice constantly simply because you want to, without the need of having someone to tell you to do it.

Learning to play guitar has a part of the theory, but mostly it is practical. It’s all a matter of grabbing your guitar and playing to see how it goes and if you do it regularly, you’ll see the improvements you’ve accomplished. So don’t subscribe to an online course if you really don’t have time to or it is not a priority for you.


Learning to play guitar is not something that you will achieve in a day, it’s something that you will accomplish step by step as you commit yourself to it.

For that reason and for this particular process, you must be patient, so you can take each practice or class with the desire to learn, without pressure or thinking that you need to be Brian May or Jimmy Page quickly. The dedication will help you train yourself as a guitarist over time.

guitarscale - 4 Tips to Learn Guitar Through Online Courses

Define Your Goals

When you sign up for this type of online course, you must define what your goals are, either short or long-term. That’s if you want to be a professional guitarist in the future, or you want to learn to play the bass or any other instrument after finishing, and respectively, enroll at a music school or at the university to study music.

This way you will feel more motivated and you will have a plan to reach your goals and get what you set out to achieve.

Have the Right Gear

If you want to be exceptional at it, you must learn completely. In other words, you need some tools you will be using constantly.

The guitar is the main thing, but you also need an amplifier or any other implement that you consider necessary while you practice. All of this will serve you to be able to feel that you’re learning professionally.

guitar electric - 4 Tips to Learn Guitar Through Online Courses

Always stay focused on your goal which is to learn. You may find that you feel discouraged from time to time. The key is to never give up, and keep your goal in mind. In following all these tips you will be able to follow your online lessons and learn how to play.

As a final takeaway, enjoy the moment, feel the music and the chords.

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