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My name is August Kimbrough, I’m a 26-year-old music teacher, and I’ve been passionate about music since early childhood. I’m the kind of person who cannot do something without listening to music.

Putting on my headphones is to enter my wave, a world of melodies, and forget everything. And that’s the most magical thing about music; it can wake you up, make you feel so much, express what you think or feel. Basically, experience different feelings or thoughts in 4 minutes of a song.

Fonda Music is a project that I started together with a group of friends and former colleagues of the university, now coworkers too, as a great way to provide a space of information to any music lover, musical students and professional musicians.

The creation of this portal came from that inspiration and passion we feel for music, and because it’s the best way to interact with people from other countries, and share any kind of things we think could be interesting.

We focus on being the bridge between music teachers and students who are beginning in this world and are interested in pursuing a career in music, whether learning to play instruments, composing or singing.

The content of this site will be about everything related to information, news, recommendations, critics and other things that are a great help or can be important to musician’s apprentices.

If you’re interested in anything associated with our particular website, you can contact us through our contact information and we’ll be happy to answer you as soon as possible. We wish you a warm welcome to our musical community.